Environmental care


In an industry where paint, solvents and dust are ever present, Corso Body Works is leading the way in ensuring that we minimise our impact on the environment and protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff at all times.

Most major vehicle manufacturers are now using environmentally friendly, water-based paint finishes. Corso Body Works is one of only a small number of specialty panel repairers authorised to apply the highly advanced, USA-made PPG water-based colour paint system that is far safer and more environmentally friendly than conventional automotive paints. This paint system results in a durable, factory showroom finish, without the safety and environment concerns associated with solvent-based paints.

In addition, we employ EPA certified recycling practices and processes for waste and solvent disposal, and since many of our parts come in cardboard packaging, we have dedicated cardboard recycling systems in place.

Our advanced and powerful dust-extraction systems also work to protect our employees and the environment, while our sophisticated, European made paint-baking oven features a purified air discharge system, to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact.